ByteSync Reference Manual

Local Synchronization

Local Synchronization is done through a Local Session, which allows to synchronize data involving a single client.

Initial Local Synchronization Page

Figure A: Local Session details and Session Settings

The A.1 area contains the Session Settings.

Click [EXIT SESSION] A.2 to exit the Local Session. Depending on the state of the session, you will be asked for confirmation before you can actually leave the session.

The [ADD DIRECTORY] A.3 and [ADD FILE] A.4 buttons allow you to add, respectively, a directory or a file as a data source. You can select up to 5 different data sources.

The selected data sources are displayed in a list A.5. The display of each source consists of :

  • A letter of the alphabet, from A to E.
  • A label indicating the type: Directory or File
  • The path of the data source
  • A button, symbolized by a cross, allowing to remove the data source.
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