ByteSync Reference Manual Account and ByteSync Credentials Account

The term Account refers to a user account on the site Its credentials are composed of an email address and a password.

This account is created automatically when the first order is placed with a given email address. It can be a paid order as well as a free order.
Upon creation of the account, an informational email containing a password generation link will be sent to the Account email address. It will be necessary to follow this link to properly finalize the account creation.

You may use your Account to log into the site by going to You will be able to access your account information, purchase history and subscription list. You can also access the ticket tracking system.

However, the Account does not allow you to connect to the ByteSync software. You will need to use your ByteSync credentials to do so.

ByteSync Credentials

Each ByteSync subscription is linked to ByteSync Credentials, composed of an email address and a serial number. The email address is the same as the Account to which the subscription is attached. The serial number is unique and specific to a subscription.

ByteSync Credentials are required to log into the ByteSync software. They do not allow you to connect to

Precautions for use

You must ensure that only authorized persons have access to the Account and ByteSync Credentials.

If needed, you can change the email address and password of your Account password from your online area. To change the serial number of ByteSync Crendentials, you must request it by opening a support ticket.

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