ByteSync: our file synchronization software will soon be open source

Published on May 15, 2023 by Paul Fresquet

ByteSync: our file synchronization software will soon be open source

From the beginning, my goal has been to make ByteSync a reliable and powerful data synchronization and backup solution. The software is easily deployed remotely, in as little as one minute, without the need for firewall settings. It allows its users to control the coherence of their data while finely controlling the synchronization. Thanks to the integrated delta copy, only the differences between the files are transferred, which allows it to offer excellent transfer performance.
Thus, ByteSync can easily replace or complement existing backup or synchronization solutions (FTP, SFTP, uncontrolled continuous synchronization, etc).

I have always made sure that ByteSync offers maximum security to ensure the privacy and reliability of user data. It is critical that no third party can view or modify the exchanged files, not even the ByteSync servers. To accomplish this, ByteSync provides end-to-end encryption and third-party control based on asymmetric keys. In addition, ByteSync’s synchronization and backup processes ensure data reliability, even in the event of software, machine or network device failure.

It’s really important to me that users can trust ByteSync. They need to be confident in its ability to protect their data across the cloud. They must be able to control the functioning of the synchronization operations. Good intentions are not enough, we need concrete action. To do this, I want ByteSync users to be able to see the source code and to participate in its development, if they wish, through their feedback and contributions.

With this in mind, I decided to make ByteSync open source. Open source promotes transparency and trust. By opening the source code, everyone will be able to see exactly how ByteSync works and verify for themselves that the software is safe and respectful of their data. In addition, everyone will have the opportunity to suggest improvements, corrections and even adapt the software to their own needs. Whether you are an individual who needs to synchronize your personal files, or a business that needs to manage large volumes of data, you can modify ByteSync to suit your needs.

By making ByteSync open source, I am giving the community the opportunity to get involved and contribute to the development of the software. It is also a way to introduce more users to ByteSync.

It is for all of these reasons, and more, that I am delighted to make this important announcement today: ByteSync, our file synchronization software, will soon be open source.

But before ByteSync is made open source, there is still work to be done. I am currently improving the source code, to clean it up, increase its readability and make it more compliant. I’m also adding new features that were planned, such as the command line mode of operation that automates the launch of synchronization profiles. I will also allow ByteSync to be used without creating an account, to make it easier to use and to make it anonymous. It will take time, so a little more patience 🙂

For the time being, I have chosen not to market ByteSync. The software will be available for free on this site until further notice. However, I am aware that a project cannot run for free indefinitely. There is a need for funding sources. In the future, different plans will be offered with pricing based on usage, features and access to technical support. Of course, as the solution will be Open Source, it will be possible to host it by yourself without using our services.

ByteSync is the result of my passion for technology and my commitment to users. I am convinced that this transition will make the solution better.

Stay tuned for more information on the release of ByteSync in Open Source!

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