ByteSync Open Beta has launched

Published on April 25, 2022 by Paul Fresquet
Last update on June 9, 2022

ByteSync Open Beta has launched

The ByteSync Open Beta officially launched on April 25, 2022, along with the website.

This page contains all the information about the ByteSync Open Beta. It will be updated regularly to keep track of the progress of the Open Beta. If you are participating in the Open Beta, we recommend that you check this page regularly.

ByteSync Open Beta Goals

Open Beta participants will have the opportunity to discover and use, for free and in preview, ByteSync, our remote data backup and synchronization solution. They will be able to participate in the finalization of the software development through their use and feedback. And they will benefit from incentives offered to all participants.

On our side, we will have the pleasure to meet our first audience. We will be able to study how the solution works in production, with users from all over the world.
Thanks to the feedback from beta users, we will be able to identify and fix some bugs and issues that were not detected until now. We will also be able to set up support ticket processing and improve documentation. With the evolution requests we will receive, we will be able to orient future developments according to the concrete needs of our first users.
Below is a roadmap of the ByteSync Open Beta. We will update it to indicate completed steps and will evolve it according to the feedback and improvement requests that will be made by the participants.

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About ByteSync

ByteSync is a remote data synchronization solution for Windows, Linux and macOS.
It can be used as a complement or alternative to FTP / SFTP synchronization and backup applications.
Based on the cloud and rsync, ByteSync can be deployed in a couple of minutes and provides excellent synchronization performance.

How to participate in the ByteSync Open Beta?

Registration is open. Once registered, each participant can download the software and use it for free during the Open Beta.
The Open Beta version gives access to all the features, both those present initially and those that will be added through updates. It will be possible to use up to 5 simultaneous instances and synchronize up to 1 TB of data per month.
Initially, the Open Beta will be limited to the first 100 registrants. We will then increase this limit as we go along.

The software, the reference manual and the support tickets are available in English and French. In order to better understand the solution and to be able to communicate easily with us, we expect participants to be able to read and write in one of these two languages.

The Open Beta is planned to last 2 months. It is possible that its duration will be extended if the main goals are not reached during this period.

To participate in the ByteSync Open Beta for free, simply click on the Participate button below, place the order and follow the instructions you will receive by email.

ByteSync Open Beta has started,
You can join in for free!

Take part in the final testing phase of the application, help us improve it and receive discount codes to benefit from the solution at a reduced price!
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5 concurrent instances
1TB synchronization per month
All features
Early Access discount codes


At the end of the Open Beta, all participants will receive unique coupons to purchase ByteSync at a discounted rate. They will be able to use them freely themselves or pass them on to others.

The following incentives will be offered to participants who log in to the software at least once:

  • A “75% off” coupon for a 1-year subscription, with any level (LITE, PROFESSIONAL or ENTERPRISE).
  • A “65% off” coupon for a 1-year subscription, with any level (LITE, PROFESSIONAL or ENTERPRISE).

The following incentive will be offered to participants who, in addition to logging in to the software at least once, open at least one support ticket:

  • 3 coupons “100% off” for 1-month subscription in the ENTERPRISE version.

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Open Beta Roadmap

At the time of the Open Beta launch, some planned features are not yet finalized. Moreover, other features will be added according to the improvement requests we will receive.

The roadmap allows everyone to follow the development progress of ByteSync during the Open Beta.

Up to 5 members per Cloud SessionOK
Allow files to be selected as data sourceDeferred
Email notificationsTo be done
Usage statisticsTo be done
Binaries signing on macOSTo be done
On-demand connection keysTo be done
Local Synchronization ModeWork in progress
Automatic modeTo be done
Advanced text filterTo be done
Stability improvementWork in progress
UX improvementWork in progress
Reference Manual improvementWork in progress
Spanish integrationTo be done
Additional themesTo be done

Release notes

All numbered versions of the 2022.1.x form are released in the Open Beta.
For more information, you can consult the release notes.


We would like to thank in advance all the participants to the ByteSync Open Beta as well as all those who will give us feedback or submit ideas.
Everyone will help us go a little further 🙂

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