ByteSync makes
remote file synchronization
fast and precise.

ByteSync is an on-demand file synchronization program. It backs up your data remotely while ensuring confidentiality.
A game changer with its simplicity, high performance and the control it offers over synchronization.

  ✅ Up to 5 remote computers
  ✅ Only differences are transferred
  ✅ Multidirectional & Full-Duplex
  ✅ Fine-grained sync & backup rules
  ✅ 1-minute deployement with no VPN or firewall hassles

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ByteSync, an efficient
data synchronization and backup software

ByteSync is user friendly and powerful.
Save time now by quickly deploying the application. Take control of comparing and synchronizing your files. Benefit from its excellent transfer performance.

Outstanding sync & resync performance

ByteSync uses Delta Compression and Full-Duplex copy to transfer only the differences between files, in multiple directions simultaneously. Its unique exchange buffer reduces data sent and makes it 10x faster than FTPS/SFTP for small files.

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Convenient and secure cloud sessions

ByteSync offers innovative over-the-cloud sessions with up to 5 clients that can select several data sources. Sessions can be launched automatically from saved profiles.

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Fine-grained data backup

Easily set synchronization actions, either individually or globally by using conditions.
You want to copy from A to B if one is newer than the other? Or delete files on A when they are identical on B, C, and D? All this and more is made possible with ByteSync's synchronization rules.

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Privacy in the cloud

ByteSync protects data with AES-256 based End-to-End Encryption (E2EE) and guarantees the identity of clients through digital signatures, ensuring that neither the server nor any third party can access or alter the transferred data.

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Easy to deploy, cross-platform & responsive application

The ByteSync software can be deployed on Windows, Linux, and Mac in a minute with its installable and portable versions. Since it operates in the cloud, it generally doesn't require any network configuration! Users can customize the display with its zoom options and light/dark themes.

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ByteSync Open Beta has started,
You can join in for free!

Take part in the final testing phase of the application, help us improve it and receive discount codes to benefit from the solution at a reduced price!
👉 Get more information about the ByteSync Open Beta on our blog.




5 concurrent instances
1TB synchronization per month
All features
Early Access discount codes

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Security is our top priority

Cloud security and data protection are central to the design of our software and services.
We are commited to apply leading industries best practices to ensure that your data and your privacy keeps safe, today and tomorrow.


Every file is encrypted with AES256 before being transferred and can only be decrypted by authorized clients.


Our Cloud services run on Microsoft Azure, our software rely on Microsoft .NET and our binaries are checked by VirusTotal.

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ByteSync is free!

For the moment, ByteSync is free to use! It will soon be available as open source.
Before the software is released, you can use the beta version.